Ma Shakti Samadhiananda CRMT, SKHM


Ma Shakti Samadhiananda ( aka Karma ) is a Fruitarian Intiutive Healer, who comes from Australian Aboriginal Bloodlines; Garumar Clan (Dalla people) from North West River of Brisbane, Jinniburra, Queensland, Australia.

Ma Shakti connects to her Ancestors ,the Archangels, who brings through the high vibrational messages to assist humanity in their healing and guidance now on Mother Earth (Terra Christa), in preparation for ascension and unity consciousness in this new 7th Golden Age.

Ma Shakti Samadhiananda is a Reiki Master, Seichim Practitioner for over 15 years, Sound Healer, Healing Holistic Intuitive, Sanskrit Mantra Musician, Tarot Card Reader and Fruitarian / Raw Vegan Coach, who works with the Archangel realm.

 For the past 20 years Ma Shakti has studied and researched in the following fields: Energy Healing, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology, Stem cell regrowth,  Voice channeling bringing through her spirit guides messages, Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Tibetan Buddhist  Dharma, Crystal Healing, Sound healing with sacred geometry, Ancient sanskrit mantras and the Vedas.

Ma Shakti has studied, trained and researched  with HH. Paramahimsa Nithyananda at the Nithyananda Hindu University, the largest Hindu university in the world, Very Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche (Canada) , Zorra and Saraiya of Hollow Earth, Reiki and Seichim Masters: Valmay Uhhart, Sue Hassanjee, & Yoshie, and Nature Care College (Sydney) .

Ma Shakti Samadhiananda specializes in and offers therapy appointments in:

  • Reiki Healing Therapy
  • Seichim Healing Therapy
  • Sound Healing Bath Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Fruitarian & Raw Vegan lifestyle Coaching

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