Veronica - WA Australia

"I love my drum"

Michael - Melbourne Australia

"Recieved my drum today. Wow Love love love. Such a beautiful instrument from such simple materials. Thank you Kindly"

Rebecca - WA Australia

"Today Shakti and Bhagavan ran a beautiful workshop for our homeschooling group. The kids absolutely loved playing the instruments and learning how to play them. Shakti and Bhagavan were so calming and gentle with everyone. I would highly recommend them".

Teresa - WA Australia

"I did a recording today.I paired the drum with my gong. Oh my, it is so beautiful. Lily's playing the drum...Me on the gong. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your precious time and energy today, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you both. Thank you for all my beautiful gifts. So much gratitude. Much love, light and blessings"



Katherine, WA

" Thank you so much you help me get to where I am now, Thank you Shakti. I'm now staring to work with the Angel realm".

Graham, Sydney

" Thank you Shakti, I have never experienced anything like that before. Thank you for your help".

Hindu Devotee, Northern NSW

" Thank you Shakti, I have been carrying this pain, trauma and shame since I was a child. You helped me let go of this. I'm feeling lighter and stronger, Thank you".

Hindu Devotee, Northern NSW

" Thank you Shakti, I have connected with my spirit name, I feel a past life connection with you, thank you for healing me and my traumas" .

Hindu Devotee, Northern NSW ( Kinesiology Practitioner )

" Thank you Shakti, You picked up on my knee pain that I have had for years, and now it feels less painful, and my emotional pain from my seperation. I would like to work with you as a healer in my healing practice I'm establishing in the near future".